Much like the treatment of other imbalances in the body, fertility can be enhanced through the time-honored methods of traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.



      Many women come to our clinic with a main complaint of Infertility.   In Chinese Medicine, infertility can be attributed to imbalances in the energy conduction system called meridians.  There are 12 main meridians that function to supply energy to different areas and support various bodily functions.  When one or more of these meridians lacks energy or has excess energy, there will be specific pathology or disease.  

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Your practitioner will conduct a complete and thorough evaluation of your meridian system by reading 6 pulse positions in each wrist, observing the appearance and geography of your tongue and palpating your abdomen.  The information gathered during the physical examination, in conjunction with your menstrual history and current/past medical history, will help your practitioner determine which meridians are not functioning properly.  

Treatment to enhance fertility is tailored to the individual patient.  Although the main complaint of infertility is often the same among the many women we see at our center, the treatment is as different as the woman coming in for treatment.  It is not unusual for your practitioner to make lifestyle suggestions regarding your diet, exercise regimen and sleep patterns, as they relate to your reproductive health and menstrual cycle. 

Occasionally, acupuncture is not the first choice in treatment.  Your practitioner may determine that other modalities might be more appropriate for your particular situation.  We have cultivated a network of practitioners with whom we share knowledge and a commitment to delivering exceptional care to our patients.  These modalities include herbal medicine, homeopathy, psychotherapy and nutritional counseling.  
We share a common belief that Western and Eastern medicine can coexist as a complementary medical vision.  In accordance with this belief system, we have fostered professional relationships with many local Western physicians, with the explicit desire of creating a cohesive, reciprocal medical system.  We often treat women who are using Western and Eastern medicine concurrently.
While we cannot guarantee that you will become pregnant using our methods, many women have been successful.   We can offer the opportunity of becoming healthier as you pursue your goal of enhanced fertility.  Each case presents itsí own challenges to both patient and practitioner, but we welcome the opportunity to get you started on the road to great health. We look forward to meeting you.
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