Imagine a time when massage seemed positively indulgent.  Now it is almost a necessity.  Living at a frenetic pace, cramming as many responsibilities into the average day as possible, it is no wonder we need to pay more attention to our bodies.  Massage therapy is designed to offset postural imbalances and eliminate tension and stress that has accumulated in our musculature as a result of our daily routines.  

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy promotes relaxation and healing by the manipulation of soft tissue and fascia, the connective tissue that tends to knot under excessive stress.  It is often used to alleviate chronic pain, increase circulation and speed the elimination of toxins that build up in the body.  A targeted touch can also rebalance mind and body.  Our quick guide will help you find the best massage style for your needs.
About our Therapists: The muscular therapists at the Center for Complementary Medicine, Inc. are formally trained and nationally certified in therapeutic massage.
Appointments:  We offer day, evening and weekend appointments to accommodate all schedules.  We ask that you give 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.  Clients who do not give 24 hours notice will be responsible for the full charge of their session.

Styles of Massage

What to wear…
Our main concern is your comfort and safety.  We ask that you remove all clothing with snaps, zippers or buttons.  Our muscular therapists are trained in draping techniques to ensure modesty and warmth, exposing only those areas being worked on. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you might have before you begin your session. 
Please speak up…
Some patients prefer silence during their session, so that deep relaxation can be achieved, we only ask that you relax and enjoy your experience. If you are not happy with the lighting, temperature or the level of pressure being applied during your session, please inform your muscular therapist.  Our therapists are here to tailor your massage experience to fit your specific needs.











Swedish Massage
This style is the ultimate remedy for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Long   strokes combined with exotic Thai massage techniques, are a luxurious way to increase circulation, release toxins, and achieve the maximum flexibility in muscle and joints.  The effects of this session can be therapeutic or energizing depending on the client’s goals. 
Best for: Moderate pain, muscle tension, stress, relaxation
Deep Tissue Massage
This massage modality aims at penetrating through layers of stress and tension to melt stagnant energy so the therapist can access muscles that are at a deeper level in the body. .  Deep, rhythmic strokes combined with acupressure permeates muscle and connective tissue to eliminate long-term muscular restrictions.
While this style of massage is considered “deep”, the pressure that is applied to the client is within their level of comfort.
Best for:  Postural imbalances, repetitive strain injuries,  headaches

Sports Massage
This style of massage prepares the body for sports and fitness training while aiding those recovering from injury.  Massage and stretching are coupled to reduce the buildup of metabolic wastes due to muscular exertion, enhance performance and decrease recovery time from physical exertion and injury.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete preparing for competition or the weekend warrior who pushed too far, your therapist can tailor the session to meet your specific needs.
Best for: Athletic injuries and overuse injuries

Trigger Point Therapy
This specialized therapy is one of the most effective methods of regaining a pain-free lifestyle.  Very often active trigger points refer pain to seemingly unrelated areas of the body.  A skilled therapist can neutralize these active trigger points by using brief, but intense finger pressure.  This style has been effective at reducing long-term pain and muscular restriction.  This method may be incorporated into a massage session or scheduled separately to focus on specific issues.
Best for:  Chronic muscular restriction

Thai Massage
This style was first developed to help monks sit for long periods of time.  It is a long and slow treatment that integrates gentle rocking, stretching and acupressure to rebalance the energy pathways of the body, meridians.  The slow nature of this treatment puts the patient into a meditative state and works well with stress-related disorders. Often an addition to other styles of massage, it is a great way to end your massage session.
Best for: Stress, muscle tension, headaches

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