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Hoarding Vs. Collecting: Distinguishing The Hobby From The Harmful Habit

Admit it. At some point, you may have collected something like baseball cards, dolls, coins, and sneakers. And while having these things does bring joy into our hearts, there are other reasons why we choose to collect specific items like nostalgia, potential monetary value, etc.

On the flip side, there are also people who tend to “collect” various items inside their houses to the point that they can no longer live comfortably and it’s already affecting their quality of living. This type of collecting is called hoarding, which is already featured in TV shows like “Hoarders” on History Channel.

Are you fond of collecting stuff? If so, how will you be able to know if you’re a collector or a hoarder?

If you want to know more, then we advise you to go on reading as we are going to tackle hoarding vs. collecting: distinguishing the hobby from the harmful habit in today’s post.

Collecting And Hoarding Defined

In simple terms, collecting is the act of seeking, acquiring, organizing, storing, displaying, and maintaining any items of interest as a means of a hobby. The items collected can range from anything so as long as it provides these benefits to the person:

  • Emotional fulfillment (it makes you feel happy)
  • Monetary gain (you see the monetary value of the item)
  • Historical significance (makes you feel proud owning a piece of history)
  • Sentimental value (potential heirloom to kids and conversation piece to friends)

On the other hand, hoarding is defined as the excessive accumulation of both necessary and unnecessary items with the difficulty of parting with any of that stuff due to intense emotional attachment.

Hoarding is classified as a mental condition because the person who has it has an uncontrollable urge to hoard regardless of the actual value of an item, which often leads to extreme cluttering.

Also, this condition is associated with anxiety and depression.

Key Indicators Of Collecting And Hoarding

The keyword for collecting stuff is ‘hobby’. In short, you do it because it does something good to you either physically or emotionally (or both). Likewise, it is an activity that you can be proud of sharing with other people. And even if you have collected tons of things, you always see to it that your collection is organized or neatly displayed in a particular room or space in your house.

However, the same can’t be said with hoarding because even if it’s considered as a habit, it is harmful in the sense that it overwhelms the person entirely that they can no longer live normally as expected, even causing their physical and mental health to be deteriorated in most cases.

And emotionally-speaking, hoarding is a means of “escape” for people who are depressed because it gives them a sort of happiness and sense of satisfaction. Moreover, hoarders are aware of their condition but choose to deny it because they are not really proud of their doing. As a result, they often regress into solitary confinement, which can also affect their relationship with family and friends as shown in the TV shows.

In addition, their capacity to sort out things is no longer apparent. And that’s the reason why most hoarders’ homes are filled with clutter inside their living spaces.

Final Thoughts

Overall, collecting is a beneficial activity while hoarding is the actual opposite of it. And if you know someone who needs help from their hoarding behavior, then it’s recommended hiring a professional junk remover like a reputable junk removal service in Atlanta today to clean the mess caused by hoarding.

The Importance Of Field Hospitals In A Hurricane

People from across Florida who live and work along the Gulf Coast are exposed to hurricanes, particularly in the months of June to November. And since this US state is home to many hurricane survivors, it is no surprise that emergency medical services facilities are essential to help Florida residents who become ill or injured in a hurricane.

Read more as we are going to tackle the importance of field hospitals during and after a hurricane in today’s post and learn how these medical facilities function in times of devastating natural disaster like a twister.

Field Hospital Defined

A field hospital is essentially a temporary medical facility that is deployed at the onset of a sudden natural disaster such as a hurricane. These mobile tents are self-contained and self-sufficient with:

  • At least 10 beds
  • A functioning operating room (OR)
  • A laboratory with diagnostic equipment (ex. X-ray)
  • A full staff of medical personnel

Basically, field hospitals are being used to supplement or even replace the local medical hospitals and provide the necessary emergency medical & surgical care to the affected population.

Also, these tents are set up in the event that the local hospital is damaged, destroyed, or overwhelmed with patients so that everyone will receive the kind of medical care that they need. In addition, these facilities are necessary when the disaster occurred in far-flung areas where immediate emergency and medical care may not be possible.

How Do These Makeshift Medical Facilities Serve The Community In A Hurricane Disaster?

1. Providing Immediate Medical Assistance To Sick And Injured Individuals – A hospital tent can be likened to a military field hospital, which is a gold standard in this kind of facility. To be specific, these mobile hospital tents are deployed to provide rapid medical treatment to people, especially those who are critically injured because of the hurricane, which is an expected possibility in these kinds of situations.

In the same way, these facilities also aim to provide ample medical care to those who are sick since they also need medical assistance along with patients who got hurt or wounded from the storm.

2. Act As Substitute To Damaged Medical Facilities – The destructive force of a twister can also affect local hospitals to the point that the structural integrity of their buildings is compromised. Also, this can lead to a lack of utility services (electricity, water) which may force the staff to evacuate patients.

That is why mobile hospitals are deployed in strategic locations to ensure sufficient medical care is maintained and to address the influx of incoming patients who are affected from the twister.

3. To Address Critical Emergency Cases And Serve As A Temporary Facility While Damaged Installations Are Being Reconstructed – Last but not least, field hospitals are designed to provide first-line and life-saving stabilization services to those who have experienced critical trauma. Speed is critical when talking about providing medical care to patients, because every second wasted can increase the possibility of death.

Moreover, mobile medical tents also serve as temporary facilities to accommodate patients, especially in metropolitan areas, while the local hospital is being reconstructed to ensure sufficient medical services until the local hospital is ready to be used again.

Proper HVAC Duct Cleaning

The HVAC system serves as lungs for homes and workplaces where we usually spend most of our time every day. And these devices take air in and expel indoor air through the vents. When in good condition, the heating and cooling system will prevent indoor pollution. However, it can also cause some health issues if the ducts are not cleaned regularly.

So to maintain good IAQ (indoor air quality), we invite you to read further as we are going share some information about proper HVAC duct cleaning as done by the best ontime heating and air service in Milwaukee.

Indications Of Polluted Indoor Air

Unknown to many, polluted indoor air can lead to certain health complications which mostly affect the respiratory system of the body. The common signs of poor indoor air quality are irritation of the nose and throat, itchiness of the eyes which can lead to headaches, and fatigue. Likewise, those who have asthma and allergies as well as children and seniors are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of polluted indoor air.

Causes Of Polluted Indoor Air

Here are some of the causes of poor IAQ:

  • Molds
  • Chemicals
  • Dirt and dust particulates
  • Pet sheddings
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Volatile organic compounds

These are just some of the reasons why air ducts have to be cleaned in Milwaukee and any other US states in order to protect the health of the occupants at home or in the office. And since duct systems are designed in different ways, it is recommended that the cleaning process should be performed by a trusted ontime heating and air service company that handles these types of jobs.

How The Process Of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Goes

1. A crew of technicians will come over your house to conduct an initial inspection of the air ducts.

2. Once the ducts are inspected, the crew will then wear shoe coverings, place corner guards on certain areas, and place a vinyl tarp to protect your driveway and flooring during the cleaning process.

3. The technician will remove the grill/vent from every air vent before the duct cleaning starts and then wash it to remove any dirt or grease before putting it back in place after the cleaning process is complete.

4. A power vacuum is then used to remove air pollutants and particulates inside your air ducts. In some instances, the technicians will also use the Rotobrush BrushBeast equipment which is 90 percent more powerful than the usual brush vacuum cleaners. Basically, the technicians will do all the necessary procedures according to the standards set by NADCA (testing for microbial growth, taking of pictures, etc.) to ensure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned.

5. The technician will hand out a printed job report detailing the work done and will be gladly answering any of your questions. You will also be encouraged to leave an honest review if you are satisfied with the job they did to your air ducts.

Final Thoughts

To make sure your indoor air is always clean, have your ducts checked by the best ontime heating and air service in Milwaukee. Check out On Time Heating & Cooling and get more information on how they can help you maintain a good IAQ in your homes and offices today.

Can a hand blender act as a food processor?

The question is how do hand blender function for a food processor? There are many benefits it can offer and many men and women use hand blenders every day to get delicious and smooth results. It is easy to make it easier and to become confused with the many brands of this appliance, we’ll look at a few of the main advantages from using hand blenders that you can get. As we would get with a kitchen blender, after all, we can not expect the same results.

One of the advantages that you will receive from using a hand blender is that you will find a complete mix. Many things may be mixed, including meats, vegetables, fruits and sauces. However, you will find a blend that is more complete if you use a hand blender.

Another advantage you will get from using a hand blender is that it will allow you to get a smooth and flavorful feel to your food. You’ll get the best results when you use a hand blender if you are mixing sauces, fruits, meats and some veggies.

You’ll also find that using a hand blender can give you more control. You’ll get control since it’s not as easy to use as a hand blender, when you use a kitchen blender.

You will see that a hand blender is far more convenient to use than a food processor. People do not have the time to wash and sanitize their food processors as well as the hand blenders can help you to get a great quality product. You can get a good quality product and it can be washed easily.
You’ll also find that there is a hand blender easier to clean. It’s not difficult to wash out the dirt and grime, which you’d receive from a kitchen blender.

There are lots of diverse models of hand blenders that it is possible to choose from. You will discover that most of the hand blenders can combine different food, like vegetables, fruits, meats and sauces and this makes it easier for you to have a quality result.

It’s easy to comprehend the advantages from using a hand blender that you will get. You’ll find more control and you will see that you get a product that is complete and get texture that you would receive from a kitchen blender.
You will find you will have more control over the food that you are cooking. The hand blenders can make the food come out much more evenly and you’ll get a better flavor from your food.

You will see you could get more volume which you’re currently preparing when you use a hand blender. You will receive more flavor from your food to where you are going to have control and you’ll find the consistency of the food.

The blender will make the food come out meaning that you will have control over the quantity of sauce or taste that you escape the food. When you cook it.

You will find that a hand blender can make you able to where you’ll find a smooth texture to find the food’s consistency. And you will find a flavor.
That you can control the food’s consistency with your hand blender will make it much more easy for you to control the time and it will help you get a more cooking time. You will find you could find a healthier meal and you’ll get better quality food that you cook.

Find out more about blenders vs food processors by clicking on this link.

syphilis facts

Some Unusual Facts About Syphilis Infection

Syphilis is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and it was traditionally believed to be brought by the Italian navigator, Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1493. Though, it was theorized in the early 20th century to be an old disease that suddenly became more virulent.

Read more as we are going to tackle some unusual facts about syphilis infection in today’s entry.

The Shameful Credit

Syphilis is probably the most stigmatized venereal disease in existence as no one wants to take the credit. The Germans, Italians, and Poles nicknamed it as the “French disease”, while the French people immediately returns the favor by calling it the “Italian disease”. Whatever the case, these countries don’t want anything to do with the name of this disease as much as possible.

The Cause Of The Disease

Treponema pallidum is the cause of syphilis infection. And this bacterium is also called the “great imitator” because it bears similar symptoms with other STDs.

The name of the disease is derived from a mythical shepherd named Syphilus, who insulted the god of the sum and punished him along with other people with a disgusting and new kind of disease.

Very Contagious

Syphilis is highly contagious and is usually upon skin-to-skin contact from a person with syphilitic sores. These sores can be found in the vagina, penis, or anus. Hence, it is often transmitted during sexual intercourse. However, a pregnant woman can also pass the disease to her unborn child. And this type of syphilis is called ‘congenital syphilis’.

Catching The Disease While Sitting On A Toilet Seat Is Very Unlikely

Unless sexual contact is done on a toilet seat, it cannot be transmitted to another person as it is only possible through skin-to-skin transmission. Likewise, the disease can’t be transmitted by sharing cutlery, clothes, and crockery with an infected person as the bacteria can’t survive after being away from the body too long.

4 Stages

There are 4 stages of syphilis:

1st Stage – It begins with round and painless sores (chancre) which usually appears after 3 weeks of being infected and can last for up to 6 weeks.

2nd Stage – Is often accompanied by symptoms like headache, fever, weight loss, fatigue, hair loss, aching joints, and swollen lymph nodes.

3rd Stage – Also called “hidden syphilis” it is the stage when the symptoms of the disease will disappear and will remain in a state of ‘limbo’ for a couple of years before re-emerging again.

4th Stage – This stage can take up to 30 years before appearing and it is the most lethal kind of syphilis that is often accompanied by conditions like memory loss, mental illness, blindness, deafness, heart disease, and etc.

It Is Preventable And Curable

Finally, practicing safe sex or completely abstaining from sex can help prevent you from having a syphilis infection. It is also advised not to engage in sexual intercourse with different partners, sharing sex toys, and needles and to have a regular STI screening.

And if you already have it, then don’t worry as the disease can still be cured through taking antibacterial medications and penicillin injection.

If you’re seeking for online STD treatment, click on this link for more info.