Car Accident Compensation: What’s Included?

After getting into an auto crash,it is reasonable to expect the insurance company of the at fault driver to pay your medical expenses,car repairs and cover lost wages you may incur. This is assuming you live in a fault-based jurisdiction. What usually happens is that insurers usually offer mediocre payouts to policyholders and other beneficiaries. In most cases,you have to file a car accident lawsuit if you have experienced serious injuries.

Car Accident Compensation: What’s Included?

If you are wondering what you might get after filing a car accident claim,read on to learn more. The compensation you get will cover the following,especially if you have a good auto accident attorney handling your accident claim:

i) Medical Expenses

This includes any medical bills you might have already incurred while receiving treatment after getting injured in an accident as well as future medical attention. The compensation must cover; physical therapy,on-going care and treatments,in-home care services,permanent disability benefits,doctors consultations fees and ambulance fees among others. Basically,you should not have to spend your own money to get quality medical attention for injuries inflicted on you by a third party.

ii) Lost Wages

If you have been injured in an accident,you will have to stay out of work for several days,weeks or months. Most employers will not pay you a salary if you do not show up for work,so the car accident compensation must provide wage replacement benefits to ensure you can pay your medical bills without a problem.

iii) Property Damage

During the accident,you may lose your phone,tablet,laptop,costly jewelry and many other types of valuables,including cash. Your car will also be damaged in the crash. The car accident compensation must cover the cost of replacing lost property and repairs.

iv) Pain and Suffering

Auto crashes are usually traumatizing. You will experience pain and suffering that you have never experienced before. The car accident compensation must compensate you for the pain and suffering you experienced. A hurt in an auto wreck can ensure this.

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