How To File An Insurance Claim After A Car Accident

No matter how safe a driver you are,there is a chance that you will be involved in a car accident at some point. It’s best to know in advance How to Handle a Car Crash Claim,so that if and when you are involved in an accident,you can do what needs to be done so that your insurance company can reimburse you.

Information your insurance company will need

Make sure to provide your agent with the following information when you contact your insurance company to file a claim:

â ¢ Your full name as well as your policy number

â ¢ The start and end date on your policy

â ¢ The date and time that the accident occurred

â ¢ The names,addresses and phone numbers of everyone involved,including all drivers,passengers,as well as witnesses

â ¢ The driver’s license and license plate numbers of all drivers involved

You may also have to provide your insurance company with a sworn statement giving details of the events of the car accident,such as the time of day or night that it occurred,the weather conditions at the time and so forth. Make sure to take photos of the damage to your vehicle and any personal harm you might have suffered.

Your case will then go through the following steps:

â ¢ Case assignment — a professional will be assigned to your case to process your claim

â ¢ Meeting — you will meet with your claims professional to talk about the situation and the coverages you’re entitled to

â ¢ Evaluation — your claims professional will evaluate your situation,which might include an inspection of your car,investigating evidence of injury claims if necessary,as well as an initial payment

â ¢ Resolving the case — including appropriate payments

In order to try and speed up the insurance claim process,you might want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accident claims.

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