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Too Much Exercise? Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles

It’s normal to experience sore muscles after a day of intensive workout, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a long time or ramping up the intensity of your exercise. This type of muscle pain is called delayed onset muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness may subside after 48 hours. However, it can still get a bit uncomfortable. Learn the different ways to relieve sore muscles and get back to working out soon:

1. Do a bit of stretching.


It’s likely that sore muscles happened because you didn’t stretch after your workout. This allows the body to cool down and reduces the release of lactic acid, aiding in muscle recovery and repair.

2. Apply essential oils.

Some essential oils may be good muscle relief. Felix and Co., for instance, organic CBD oils to help relieve chronic pains and sore muscles. Use these oils when applying massage to relax muscles and sooth the aches.

3. Take a warm bath.

Nothing can be more relaxing than taking a warm bath after an hour of intense workout. This may help in improving blood circulation and soothing muscle pain. While the relief may be temporary, it’s very much welcomed.

4. Rest until fully recharged.

A common mistake among people is not giving their body enough time to rest. If you did rigorous exercise or weightlifting, be sure to allot a day of rest afterwards. This may help in preventing added stress to your muscles.

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. However, take precautions and observe proper postures to prevent muscle strain and injuries.

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