What is the best Comfort food for you?

Dealing with negative feelings and pressures in life can make people feel unwell and uncomfortable. There are many different reactions for a person in dealing with stress and challenges in life, but eating comfort food is the most common. It can give instant gratification and happiness that a person can’t find anywhere else. Most comfort food is unhealthy, but it is the way for many people to cope with many negative feelings they have to deal with. Giving in to comfort food is not so bad because many people resort to a harder and more intense habit like alcohol and drugs. That can go out of hand very quickly, and it is hard to stop when a person is already addicted to it. Craving to eat delicious food is because of a lot of reasons. Most of the time, it is because of depression, the stress in life, frustration, or just plain old boredom. Comfort food is dangerous because it can be addicting. Giving in to it once or twice might be alright. But when a person always wants to have instant gratification even in small little stress that can cause overweight and many more diseases that can be created in eating so many unhealthy foods. There should be a balance in having to enjoy delicious food and forget about all of the stress in life in doing it moderately and responsibly. See http://www.tastyplanner.com/2020/05/25/10-foods-to-boost-sexual-health/.

Chocolate Relation

Thinking of consuming chocolate is a common thing. It’s a pleasure to enjoy a bar of delicious chocolate, whether it is a form of liquid hot cocoa or a sweet solid state. It fives a change of mood instantly, but mostly contains a high amount of sugar in it. Also, having or buying chocolate is speedy access. That’s why it would be great to aim for dark chocolate, which is a purer form of chocolate that has significantly less sugar and fat in it.

  • Responsible eating lowers the risk of heart diseases and many forms of cardiometabolic disorders.

Fried Chicken

There are many adverse risks in eating chicken, especially fried all of the time. But it’s hard to say no to a beautiful piece of meat that satisfies the belly instantly. Stopping eating fried chicken is a problem when a person starts to enjoy it too much. 

Fried chicken is a lovely meal that many easy to enjoy even when it is done.

  • Friend chicken does not care about gender; all people are at risk when consuming it daily. It exposes a person 12 % higher to pay the ultimate price of death. It is mostly because of heart-related problems when compared to eating fried fish daily, which is suspected to only expose a person to 7% of death in recent studies.

Pancake greatness

Pancake is delicious and appealing because of it’s of the fluffy texture and the sweet taste of it. It has many different recipes that can go unhealthier than any meal. It is effortless to do and get in many places. When feeling tired or stressed out. Eating a few pancakes can give the energy and happiness that a person would want to have instantly. http://www.tastyplanner.com/2020/05/25/10-foods-to-boost-sexual-health/.

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